Indispensable Canning Books

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Indispensable Canning Books

I’ve always been a book lover and I have a collection of old books that while I don’t pull them out too much, I couldn’t bear to get rid of them. I’m either a book lover or a wannabe-hoarder. I prefer the former as I’m not quite as much a stickler on other things, just books. A large part of my collection is an array of cookbooks of course and indispensable canning books. And while I love to browse the internet for new ideas of “what’s for dinner tonight”, I still go to Betty or BHG (Better Homes & Garden) to pull down and open up to look for something basic such as time and temperature of cooking a turkey or braising vegetables, etc.

Indispensable Canning BooksThe books I turn to year round are books on home preserving. One of the indispensable canning books I use quite often, especially in the Summer months is Ball Book of Canning. I’ve gone through several editions, paperbacks and updates over the years and it is just an indispensable canning book.




Another great book is this Complete Guide to Pressure Canning. Pressure canning is a step up from water bath canning, but a little experience takes away some of the fears of blowing spaghetti sauce all over the kitchen ceiling.

Indispensable Canning BooksIn the pages of this all-in-one pressure canning roadmap you’ll find:

  • An overview of pressure canning basics that includes guidance for buying a pressure canner and pressure canning fundamentals
  • More than 80 pressure canning recipes for: stocks, broths, soups, and stews; meats including wild game and fish; meals-in-a-jar; tomatoes and vegetables; beans and legumes; and more
  • Pressure canning charts for safely canning vegetables and meats that include quantity, yield, jar size, processing time, and PSI gauge guidance
  • A “First Batches” Chapter that includes two practice recipes for those new to pressure canning


Indispensable Canning BooksAnd if you’re still learning the how-to’s of basic home preserving, you may consider this book, Canning and Preserving for Beginners by Susan Wilson. It’s a great resource for beginners with step-by-step directions and simple to follow recipes. Yes you can learn to preserve that bountiful harvest or Farmer’s Market find. This book has easy recipes for canning and preserving throughout the year.

Who doesn’t want to make the perfect pickles, relishes, jams and jellies? Susan Wilson’s book is filled with expert advice for saving time and safely canning your favorite fruits and vegetables. It should be on everyone’s kitchen bookshelf!

Canning and preserving is a great way to stock up on seasonal or any budget-friendly food for your pantry and kitchen. But unless you are already an expert, knowing how to begin can be difficult. That’s why an indispensable canning book is always the best place to start!


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